Cupcake Caper

Jolly Running are returning with a new caper to the Double Locks in the beautiful Riverside Park in Exeter.

The Cupcake Caper is on Sunday 28th April 2019

Run Solo or run as a Relay team! 

The route is a flat route on riverside paths, fields and woodland, each loop is 3.3 miles, run as many or as few laps as you like in 8 hours.

10k? Half Marathon? Marathon? Ultra? How far will you or your relay team go to claim your fantastic bespoke Cupcake Medal?

Our Race HQ is handily situated in the grounds of the Double Locks pub, each lap you can visit our “Jolly Treats” station with vegan friendly options.

You can even take a break from running at the Race HQ during the event, or even pop into the Double Locks for some extra refreshments, then start running again. But the clock is always ticking.

The Double Locks is open all day and serves great food and drink, a great way to refuel after your run, or for any spectators to wait for you.

Each runner who completes at least one lap is rewarded with:

A Bespoke Cupcake Caper Medal

A Scrumptious Cupcake


The male runner, female runner and relay team that runs the most laps in the shortest time, will each win a Cupcake Caper Trophy.

Cupcake Caper Sunday 28th April 2019

Minimum Age 18+ Up to Marathon Distance, 20+ Over Marathon Distance

ENTRY LIMIT : 250 Participants

Solo Affiliated £35  Solo Unaffiliated £37

Relay Teams – Team of 2 £64 – Team of 3 £96 – Team of 4 £128

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Jolly Running Caper FAQ

How does a Caper work?

The clock starts at 9am, you then have 8 hours to run as many laps as you want, the latest time you can start a lap is 4.45pm, anyone finishing a lap after 4.45pm will not be able to start a new lap.

Can I take a break?

Yes, you can stop have a break and then start again later, but the clock is always ticking.

Will a lap count if I finish it after 5pm?

Yes, as long as you started the lap before 4.45pm and finish it before 5.30pm.

Can I finish after 1 lap?

Yes, as long as you run at least one lap you are a finisher.

Do I have to wait until 5pm to collect my medal and Cupcake?

No, as soon as you know you are finished for the day, tell us and you can get your well deserved medal and cupcake.

Is there any water on the route?

Our Jolly Treats Station is located at Race HQ just passed the Start/Finish line, so after each lap you can visit our Jolly Treats station, stocked with lots of goodies to tempt you, along with water, squash and flat coke.

How do Relay Teams work?

Only one team member is allowed on the route at any one time, a team member can run one lap or more in a row before handing over to another team member. The handover point is just passed the Start/Finish line, the team member on the route crosses the line then heads to the handover point and tags the next team member who can head out on their lap.

Where can Team Members rest during the event?

The event is based in the gardens of the Double Locks pub, there is plenty of space to sit and wait by the riverside.